Sunday, January 18, 2015

Space Blocks Dev Blog Debut!

Space Blocks (working title!) started out with a very simple idea. You have a bunch of blocks and a gravity gun. Oh, and also a jetpack. OH! And you are on an alien planet inhabitted by giant space lizards. Okay so maybe it isn't that simple.

All joking aside, I really wanted to recreate the feeling you get when making forts as a kid. You grab a few chairs, some sheets and coushins, and before you know it you've constructed a palace fit for a king. It's not all daisies and bubble gum though, because sooner or later someone discovers that coushins and pillows make great weapons. Soon all heck breaks loose as the construction project devolves into an all out pillow war. It's okay, though. Here, there are no rules - so long as you don't touch the lava.

I wanted to establish a clear visual style for the game... something that will keep it light hearted, while still offering us a great visual range to flex our muscles. 

Now it's time to itterate! This is my favorite part of the project. Everything moves quickly as people begin to experiment, build, and brainstorm.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for other updates as we continue to develop the world of Space Blocks!